Monday, December 24, 2012

Xabber is going open source in January 2013

Short version

We are happy to announce that we plan to release Xabber under GNU GPL v3 license in January 2013, thus making arguably best XMPP client for Android free and open software.

Redsolution, a 'shady Russian company with no public info' behind Xabber is a long time supporter of free and open source software, so this move is very natural for us.

Longer version

As you may have known, this summer we've launched a campaign to make Xabber open source if we get 50K followers on Twitter. We owe you some explanation why we had such an exotic request. We were planning to make our app opensource since the very beginning. It was mostly a side effect of an argument within our team if people really care about their software being opensource. 

Optimists said that people do care, and that we'd easily gather as many followers as we have users if we promise to go FOSS. More down-to-earth team members said that quite a few users care about free (as in freedom) software. Obviously, the latter won.

While we've seen a spectacular enthusiasm on the web and quite a number of posts, we failed to reach 50K followers. Currently counter stands at 4725, and I want to thank everyone who did take part in our little social experiment and supported free and open software. My biggest thanks go to those active users who fueled our campaign by creating numerous posts and retweets. You support was very heartwarming. 

So, back to opensource. We took this special day for this announcement (best day to share gifts with the world, right?), but we need some extra time to add comments and remove some junk from code, add license files... It's quite a task, actually. After we're done, code will go live on GitHub. Stay tuned for updates, they'll be coming shortly. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Merry Xmas.

    The experiment was disheartening, but it was inspiring.

  2. Thank you, shady russian company! I tested all of the XMPP Clients in the F-Droid repository because although I liked your client, I didn't like the idea to use closed-source software. Now for me, it's Xabber time!

    This is a very nice christmas gift for FOSS enthusiasts as me. Yes, it is a bit sad, that most of the christmas chit-chat today will go through channels like WhatsApp, the Facebook chat or mailservers of shady whatevercountry providers. But nonetheless there are many people who like FOSS and who appreciate such a nice Android client as Xabber very much.

    Thank you and merry christmas!

  3. Thank you. I can not say more profound words.
    Great software deserves to be free.

    Do you take donations?
    Please at least claim your flattr reward money.

  4. WOW that's really a nice present! It's really sad that there's such a lack of nice opensource software on Android, but perhaps Xabber is going to be a role model for other "shady" developers ;-)

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Hey, this is great news! I do care about free software, but I did not follow you on twitter for a very simple reason: I don't have a twitter account.

    I thought that asking for twitter followers was a rather arbitrary request, and didn't bother to register just for that. Had it been another request (signing a petition, for instance) I would have probably done it.

    Anyway, I'm not writing to make excuses for myself. I just wanted to acknowledge that there are (at least slightly) more people who care about free software than the experiment would suggest.

  6. This will open up opportunities for other software developers to help build Xabber better in the future. As users of XMPP in MayPlaces personally I am very enthusiastic about this move.

  7. Thank you for developping this software.

    I think this experiment failed because many free software supporters don't use Twitter. Maybe you should have tried to also create a account, or much better, build your own instance of statusnet. Like many other people, I deleted my Twitter account and I really don't want to create an other one, even if it would have helped you. Twitter is at the opposite of the free software's philosophy.
    I've seen that you are selling a VIP version of Xabber on the google play, but I'm not using it too for the same reason, instead, I've installed F-droid.

    You also could have open donations (with a discrete link to the page inside the program), I would be proud to help you this way !

    Twitter + Statusnet + donations + flatter + google play could have been > 50K ;)

    Next time, maybe. I will start using it when the code will be released :)
    Glad to see you're fair play and it's going free software !

  8. Merry Christmas,

    Sorry I can't follow you on twitter, but I do not plan on having account there any time soon. Facebook and Google Plus are quite enough for now...